These testimonials were written by our patients. 
By using the Stress Elimination Theory (SET), we were able to address their
Mechanical, Nutritional and Emotional stressors. 

If you have dis-ease, let us help you.  Call Cassie and she will set up an appointment for you.  Your first appointment will include assessments from several practitioners in order to help us identify your stressors.  Bring all your past labs and any other information you have for us to review.

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You have done soooo much for me and my family but especially for my daughter (I don't know where we would be without interacting with you during her illness). I can't even begin to thank you for all your help... N.S. 

I visited Karla for the first time in early 2013. I sought her out at the Oaklawn Holistic Center, because I had had great success with a holistic and integrative medicine health care approach in my past. More recently, I had been using only conventional medical resources and I was not getting the help I needed. Karla has helped me deal with several health concerns, and as of today I'm feeling great! Her methods for healing me have involved supplements, hands on healing and self help activities. I'd like to share two of my healings, one was for a chronic condition and the other an acute condition.

The first day I saw Karla, a major complaint was the pain I had in my feet. It hurt me to walk. Due to the pain, I was no longer walking my dog or enjoying any activities that involved being on my feet (almost everything!). The pain was constant, and it was getting worse daily. Karla did some foot massaging in her office. She recommended a therapeutic course of a particular enzyme therapy, diet changes and self massage of my legs and feet with a rolling pin and golf balls! I walked out of her office that day in less pain from her massage, and within days, I began seeing results from following her instructions. Within a week, I was amazed at my progress, within 2 weeks, I was well on my way to being pain free and by the end of a month, I had NO pain. My feet have been pain free ever since! Of course, I am still following Karla's recommendations to keep the pain away, as I never want to experience that again.

Another issue Karla helped me with was an injury I suffered on the Saturday of a long weekend. I pulled or strained a muscle in my hip/buttocks to the extent that I was in excruciating pain. It was "take your breath away pain" and using heavy dosages of ibuprofen and acetaminophen seemed to do nothing. After 3 days of lying on the couch using heat, ice, and pain killers, and being unable to lift my leg or barely move, I went in on Tuesday to see Karla. Karla spent an hour on massage. This was not "feel good" massage, it was specific to the injury and it hurt! I was grateful and amazed that when I got off the massage table I could lift my leg and my pain was greatly reduced. Karla gave me instructions on how to care for the injury, and told me how I could help my self if this ever happened again.

Karla has helped me with several other health concerns and today I'm feeling great. I highly recommend a visit to the Holistic Center if you have health concerns that are not being addressed in a conventional setting, or simply want a different health care approach.

Thank you for the help with Phil's knee. He feels better than ever. Without you he would be having surgery for knee replacement and I would be on sugar, thyroid and cholesterol pills if I never had the opportunity to work for you. You are the best!

Thank you for taking the time to discuss my problems with my ovarian cysts. I had softball size cysts three weeks ago, and my ultrasound yesterday confirmed they're gone! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

"Dear Rosario,
Thank you so much for making the meals for me! Your are SO generous! I appreciate you!

I enjoyed being able to sleep, no more sleep deprivation, and I can breathe so much better. I had 3 major issues,respiratory, digestive, and kidney and bladder problems. With changes to my diet and supplement I have noticed a significant difference that is truly amazing and truly needed. Before, I always had cold hands and feet (poor circulation) and with a supplement these symptoms are no longer there.

I was involved in a car accident in 2012. I suffered from a fracture to my C-6 in my neck and 2 herniated discs. My brain shifted. Life was beyond terrible. The daily "head pain" alone, made living a daily struggle. I was on Valium, morphine, hydrocodone and other pills that helped me live each day for 3 years +. I had to get better. With the brain injury , I knew I needed to get off all the pills. The daily neck pain was very bad. My doctors said I was just going to have to deal with the pain; more pills! I was told about Turtle Dove Holistic Care and Wellness and I checked them out. After talking with Karla and Claudea, they said they could help me! It would take some time though. I started seeing Claudea weekly. After the first visit, I felt great! It is now Aug 2016. I'm not on any medication now! My neck is almost 100% pain free! My head is a lot better since getting help from Turtle Dove. Thank you!

Karla has helped my husband and I so much, that when we know we need one of Karla's massages, we will travel 6 hours to see her. And it is well worth the trip, we may hurt for awhile after she is done, but the long term benefits are amazing. She knows exactly what part of our body needs attention.

For a long time I have had problems with my left jaw, ear, and neck area. I have had braces on twice in my life. The first time I had a TMJ problem and had four teeth removed for the braces. The second time was to adjust my teeth because I had stopped wearing my retainer. I always felt my jaw was out of place and would go through periods of pressure behind my left ear and cause pain in my neck. Claudea did mouth therapy on me. I was so shocked how I felt while she was doing the therapy and after she was finished. My reaction was WOW. I can't explain how much better I feel after this mouth therapy.

"Sandee treated me to a Salt Scrub/Body Polish Session and it was wonderful! The Scrub exfoliates your whole body and leaves you feeling so refreshed. The oil used in addition to the scrub leaves your skin silky smooth and glowing! The session was finished by "cocooning" me in heated blankets to help the oil soak in. This treatment is very relaxing and highly recommended when you need to pamper yourself!"

I went to see Karla with several diseases, if you want to assign a name to the cluster of symptoms. I had a leaky gut, candida, C-Diff (clostridium difficile), and spastic colon. My symptoms were indigestion and heartburn, nausea, and painful bloating. Towards the end when things were really bad, a gnawing type of gut pain appeared. It just hurt really bad. After eating two bites of food I felt so full that I often could not eat anything else. I was hospitalized with the C-Diff this summer and was put on antibiotics. I had also taken antibiotics years earlier for nine months straight and I lived on sugar and junk food. All my attempts to throw probiotic pills at it had not gotten me well.

Karla explained I had to do things in a certain order because my illness had gotten so bad. She knew what to do and when to do it. In just four months most of my pain is gone. I am digesting food much better and assimilating nutrients more efficiently. I am well on my way to complete healing but it is a process, and without Karla's protocols and guidance, I don't know what I would have done.€‹

I have suffered from sciatic pain for nearly 3 years. I have sought treatment from a variety of sources, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic care, and from my primary medical doctor. Pain Medications, Anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers helped the pain symptoms, but I was not healing. I did not want surgery or steroid injections so I visited a Holistic health center in Ann Arbor in the past, but the distance was a deterrent to follow-up care. Recently, a co-worker shared about her successful recovery from numbness & tingling in her arm after treatment with Karla and I determined to try the holistic approach again.

The treatment I received involved focused deep muscle massage with therapeutic oils and a targeted vitamin & mineral combination, along with an enzyme supplement to aid in vitamin transport & promote healthy digestion. The focus was on whole body function, not just treating the painful area. This balanced approach worked to promote healing, not just relieve my painful symptoms. The treatment helped me understand how body function is inter-related and the power of healing by achieving balance in the whole body.

Karla's focused deep muscle massage was the first time a health care specialist spent time touching and working the injured area. Hand's on interventions are generally not part of traditional western medicine. The natural oils also provided heat and comfort to the painful muscle areas. I was also impressed by the teaching and instruction that was part of each session. Vitamins and Minerals have always been a bit confusing, having recommendations from a knowledgeable source helped me understand why and how much to take to meet my physical needs.

My treatment at with Karla brought me the healing I was unable to find through other approaches. It is complimentary care, another tool in the healthcare "toolbox" to assist with healing and promote wellness. And for me, it was the right tool at the right time. My sciatic pain is gone!

A few happy patients who had work done by Claudea Templeton-

It was very relaxing and she knows her stuff. Going back for a 2nd treatment
What a wonderful experience. I've already made an appointment to return!
Educational and cleansing experience.
Fabulous place!

Be ready to just let the pains go away and relax fully!

She is very gifted and excellent at her services performed.

Amazing healer 😃

When I went in. I had a slight headache, and my lower back had been bothering me.

After the cranio sacral and reflexology treatments, no trace of either and felt as relaxed as when I have a full body massage.

Great work! I feel so much better and will go back soon. Loved it.

I felt so wonderful afterwards, this was better than a massage. I highly recommend her!!

Expect to feel better.
Ask for directions. It's a well hidden secret.

Great experience. Just waiting to schedule another visit.

Make sure that you have the full 90 minutes to enjy your experience.

Excellent service.

On my first visit with Claudea, she was able to release the pain from my arm and tailbone area. Fifty years I have had pain in my upper arm. I had broken my arm and had two surgeries, one to put a plate in, and one to remove the plate. I have always felt like where the break was I had two bones not one. When Claudea released the pain from my arm I felt like I had one bone. It now feels like a normal arm. I also fell and cracked my tailbone about 28 years ago. By the time I finish grocery shopping I would be in so much pain. Claudea was also able to release that pain and adjust that area for me. I left the office and went grocery shopping. I was so happy when I finished shopping because I had no pain. That pain has not returned.
It has taken me 84 years to find out why I have been unable to  be well.  Turtle Dove Holistic Care & Wellness is what I needed.

Last year I lost my husband and went into a deep depression, was ill and had no energy. After attending your classes and talking to you, I followed your advice.  After three weeks I had energy, had gotten rid of my month-long cold/infection, and had nails and hair that were growing strong.

Next I told you about my left shoulder that caused me great pain and I could not lift my arm. You again, gave me your suggestions. After a few weeks, I had no pain and could lift my arm over my head. Not only that, my complexion improved. I now get complements on my skin. Thank you for taking the time to listen and provide the the suggestions that  eliminated my problems.

My family cannot begin to thank you for taking us in to your practice and your family. All of you have done so much for us that we can't begin to thank you enough! We never looked forward to going to any doctor but with you, we miss you when we don't see you. Your practice is like coming home. The love and kindness are so overwhelming that we feel better just being with you all! We will never forget your generosity to us- we hope to pass it on one day. You all make Turtle Dove Holistic Care Wellness the most beautiful healing center ever!
I was in a  very severe car accident, hit head-on by a drunk driver. I was very lucky to live through that.  Doctors tried to help me get better. I had years of physical therapy, water therapy, nothing was helping. If felt very hopeless, the pain was so horrible and unbearable. What made it worse was my two small children had to see me suffer every day. It broke my heart. I prayed, a lot. I could not hold my neck up at all and I had to work to provide for my children. Then, the doctors told me “you need surgery.” In 2011, the doctors gave the diagnosis of spondylotic disease, fairly significant at C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 as well as central canal stenosis and severe bad neck, back injury and also injury to my S1-S2 which was causing incontinence. I really had no choice so I had surgery. About six months after the surgery, I felt pretty good until September when I was driving and was hit once again, this time from the right side of my car. I felt an instant change in my body. Absolutely no feeling in my hands and my neck was so traumatized that I could hardly function. I knew I needed a miracle and I found Turtle Dove Holistic Care Wellness in Marshall that focused on natural healing. They started treating me with essential oils and massage. Karla and the other practitioners helped me th most.  Now my life is better than it has ever been. No more pain, the trauma is gone and I’m living a normal life. I contribute my recovery to natural medicine like enzymes, essential oils, and no drugs! I feel so alive. Thank you Karla for you are my angel. She truly saved my life. I now study holistic medicine and therapeutic oils and I look forward to working with these smart, talented, and sweet people. My plans include getting certified in essential oils and training with the best. Many blessings on your walk in life, you can heal and recover and live and LOVE just like me. Wholeness is part of your soul.

Dear Karla, 
Thanks for the information you provided for me to write a paper regarding your career.  I submitted it and just received my test scores.  I received an A, 100%, and wanted you to know my teacher appreciated your perspective.  
Thanks again, if I'm ever in the area, I would like to visit.  It's wonderful to know those who trust Jesus serve people in His name.  May the Lord bless you and keep you!
Here is what I wrote:
Karla practices colon hydrotherapy, body works massage therapy, functional normalization, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, nutrition, flower essences, reams testing and ear candling.  Due to complications with her 7 month old daugheer, Karla sought options which led her to natural medicine.  Her search brought her out of her comfort zone "A whole new world opened up to us and it changed our lives".  Karla shared. "It was not easy, but our daughter is now the picture of health.  We believe God led us down this path for very specific reasons."  
I found Karla to be a bold person with strong convictions.  Her therapies are surprisingly reasonable priced and her faith in God is her motivation.  The most rewarding aspect of her career is seeing her clients take control of their health and change the way they view their health.  Her sorrow comes with people believe they must "suffer through" their ailments.  They don't know that there is so much they can do to change their future.  To sum her feelings, Karla told me, "I believe food should be your medicine and medicine should be your food!  I also believe God intended for us to have perfect health and through our own personal choices we have a nation of sickness and disease - not only phycically but mentally as well."