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€‹Our Philosophy...

Our Stress Elimination Theory (SET) addresses
Mechanical, Nutritional and Emotional stressors. 

Mechanical: Do you have foundational mechanical issues that cause dis-ease?  

Nutritional: Is your body getting the nutrients 
needed to promote health or repair?

Emotional: Your emotions have as much impact 
on your health as your diet.

Our Services:

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  1. Digestive Health Therapy
    Your digestive program to heal nutritional issues.
  2. Holistic Wellness Coaching
    Your advocate and guide as you embark upon your healing journey.
  3. Traditional Flower Therapy
    Your emotional stress reduction tool.
  4. Raindrop Therapy
    A mechanical and emotional stress therapy protocol
  5. Fastech Foot Forms
    Your foundation stabilization protocol.
  6. Ear Candling
    A Native American Indian gentle ear therapy.
  7. Ionic Foot Detox Therapy
    Your ion stress reduction therapy.
  8. Reiki and Energy Healing
    Your energy healing therapy.
  9. Reflexology
    Your hand and/or foot therapy.
  10. 24 Hour Urinalysis
    Your full body systems lab test.
  11. Gene SNP Analysis
    Your DNA testing for maximum health benefits
  12. Morton's Toe Assessment
    Why you really hurt: It all starts in the foot.
  13. Lymphatic Body Wrap Therapy
    Your ultimate detoxifying body wrap for a healthy toxin cleanse that creates a size loss from the fatty areas of the body, resulting in inches lost from 3” to 20”. This wrap also tones and tightens, cleansing the lymphatics.
  14. Quantum Body Alignment Therapy
    Your therapy tools for quantum healing.
  15. Stress Reduction Oil Therapy
    Therapeutic essential oils to calm and heal the body.
  16. Therapeutic Massage Therapy
    What is Therapeutic Massage Therapy?
  17. Holistic Weight Choice Program
    Eating is more than just eating.
  18. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching
    A Natures Sunshine Metabolic Balancing Program (In.Form)
  19. Tai Chi
    Benefits of Tai Chi
Neuromuscular Integration Therapy (NIT)
Holistic Skin Rejuvination Therapy (HSRT)
Addiction to Wellness
Holistic Physical Rehabilitation
Therapy (HPRT)
Holistic Pet Therapy & Coaching
Turtle Perks Program
As Turtle Dove Yearly Members,
You Receive the Following with your $35.00 Membership
​· FREE weekly educational classes in Basic Nutrition, pH Balancing, Enzyme Therapy and Raw/Live Foods (Materials Fee of $5.00 for Live/Raw Foods. Non-members: $10.00 each class, plus materials fee).

· 6 FREE Foot Detox Baths $240.00 value

· 6 FREE Zyto Biocommunication Scans $30.00 value

· Free Morton’s Assessment $45.00 value

· 20% off Birthday Celebration Session of your choice (some restrictions may apply)

· Free 15 minute HaloTherapy Salt Booth Session $15.00 value

· Free 15 minute Infrared Sauna Session $15.00 value

· Free 15 minute consult with each practitioner $45.00 value

· 4 hour health seminars ($35.00 Member, $50.00 non-member)

(These Perks may change without notice)

Turtle Dove Holistic Care & Wellness
​​120 S. Hamilton St.
Marshall, MI  49068


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