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We use the Sress Elimination Theory (SET) to help you take control of your health.  

Once a stressor is identified, a plan of care can be put into place to reduce that stressor, allowing the body to heal itself.

Education is the best tool for change!

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Stress Elimination Theory (SET) By Karla Anderson, RN

Mechanical Stressors

Internal issues may include un-healthy organs or dis-eases and broken bones

External issues may include inadequate housing or care

Nutritional Stressors

Internal issues may include the body's inability to assimilate nutrients

External issues may include lack of funding for food


Emotional Stressors

 Internal issues may include negative self-thoughts or postive mind busy thoughts
External issues may include negative relationships with other human beings


Internal issues may include a lack of faith

External issues may include being in a faithless environment
Educational Video Gallery
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