We work with you to help you take control of your own health.  Our practitioners consult as a team to bring you the best holistic care approach.  

We strive to address the sources of stress that are causing discomfort in your life and we put together a unique plan of care to address those stressors. 

Our goal is to help you bring your body back into balance.

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About Us...


Director of
Patient Care &
Karla S Anderson
"Your Health Is In Your Hands!"
Karla's nursing background includes psychiatric nursing, hospice/palliative nursing, homecare nursing and holistic nursing/education.  She carries other numerous certifications including licensed massage therapist, certified traditional tribal healer, certified colon hydrotherapist, digestive health specialist, nutritionist and more. 

Karla directs our patient care and education.  She developed the Neuromuscular Integration Therapy used in massage and wrote  the Stress Elimination Theory (SET) nursing theory used by many as the foundation to delivering holistic care to all patients.  Her goal is to improve "Health Care" and diminish the need for "Sick Care".  You can see her full nursing theory at KarlaRN.com

Karla is currently finishing her master's program in family practice and was inducted into the International and National Nursing Honors Society.  She hopes to bring the worlds of allopathic care and naturopathic/holistic care together to give our patients a better quality of life.

Karla has 9 living children and a son who passed away at age 17.  Her heart is with children and familes and helping them to heal emotionally, nutritionally and mechanically.    She believes "God is good all the time!"
Karen Slocum
Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP)

Finance Director
"Feelings do matter...especially to your health."
You have an amazing body that can do amazing things, if given the right resources. Even small lifestyle changes will lead you in the right direction. Karen is a Certified Natural Health Professional who loves guiding you to discover foundational elements for truly amazing living.

One foundational element is emotional health. Having a sensitive understanding  of emotional stressors and what they do to the mind, body and spirit, Karen guides you toward taking control of your emotional health with various stress management tools.  "Feelings DO matter, especially to your health!" 

Karen is one of the team members developing the "From Addiction to Wellness" program. Having been a family  member of an addict, she has an understanding of emotional hurdles this may bring. She offers support to others who may be going through the same experience.
Ian Heim
Ian has  been getting preventative assistance from the wonderful practitioners and Karla, the Director of Patient Care, for the past 4 years. He says his Mind, Body and Spirit have never been aligned and integrated in such healthy ways, as has been before.

Ian is on the team developing our upcoming From Addiction To Wellness program, that is going to be a unique outpatient program for addicts.  He practices meditation and awareness.

Ian assists our clients with foot detoxing. He provides IT Support, Web management, Media Design, and Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing
IT Support
Foot Detox
Rosario Tanguay
"We are what we absorb."

Rosario specializes in teaching Basic Holistic Nutrition, PH Balancing, Enzyme Therapy, Raw Foods, Juicing and Fermenting Foods, labs, gene ​snp tests, nutritional educational classes , Expanded GI panel, Adrenal Stress Panel, Food Intolerance Panel

She comes to us from the home care nursing field and is currently working on her Family Nurse Practitioner master's program.  She loves the holistic field and wants to help her patients improve their quality of life!  
Claudea Templeton
Neuromuscular Integration Master Practitioner (NIT)
"We all need to unwind."
​Claudea has been in the holistic field for over twelve years. She practices reflexology, quantum touch,  advanced craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, total body balancing, ear candling, frequency alignment, anti-aging myofacial release, somato emotional release, and journey processing for inner-body cellular release. She is a certified shaman and reverend.  Her goal is to help all ages to unwind and release trauma within the body.  She has taken over as the master neuromuscular integration therapy  practitioner at Turtle Dove and sees dramatic results in her patients on a daily basis.  She is dedicated to helping as many people as she can to live pain free in body, mind and spirit.  Claudea has given back to her community through the Lions Club for over 20 years.  She believes in their philosophy in  meeting the needs of those needing assistance.  

Pat Stiff
Licensed Aesthetician
Light Touch, Essential Oils & Quantum Touch Practitioner, & Skin Detox Specialist
"Beauty from the inside out."
Pat offers many services including waxing, rejuvenating facials, custom masques, high frequency treatments, lymphatic body wraps, and anti-aging light therapy. Pat delivers the renewing and revitalizing treatments that your body may be in need of. She can help to revive your skin and pamper you with products tailored to your skin type and needs. Her goal is to create a relaxed and healing state for each patient. 

Pat is a member of the Lions Club and is Co-Chair for "Project Kid's Sight" as well as the active secretary for the  Cereal City Chapter in Battle Creek.  She encourages everyone to volunteer and give back to their communities as they are able.  Pat is also a member of the association for Holistic Skin Care Practitioners.
Molly Sweet 

Medical Acupuncturist

M.Ac. (Medical Acupuncturist)
H.H.P. (Holistic Health Practitioner)
Molly is a National Board Certified Medical Acupuncture Practitioner that specializes in acupuncture for Women's Health, Infertility, Migraines, Pain Management, Chemotherapy Side Effect Management, PTSD, Stress, Depression and Anxiety. She has been practicing acupuncture for around 4 years now. Her goal is to create overall balance in your mind, body and soul, which she believes is the root cause of all disease.

Prior to practicing acupuncture Molly studied many modalities of holistic health such as EFT, Reiki I and Animal Reiki. She also worked in jewelry for over 15 years and holds a Graduate Jeweler Gemologist Degree from G.I.A. She has a passion for gems and minerals and hopes to incorporate their healing properties into a treatment offering one day.

Molly looks forward to helping you to create a healthier, happier life!
Arleen Sattler
Administrative Assistant
"I can do that!"
Arleen comes to us with 25 years of prior office experience.  Arleen strives to give the best customer service, making your experience with us more enjoyable.  

Arleen has two beautiful grown daughters and 3 lovely grandchildren.  In her free time, Arleen loves being outdoors, camping,  riding her motorcycle or peddle bike, kayaking, and pontooning, working in her yard and enjoying the birds and wildlife. Arleen’s dog and cats are also a big part of her life.   "I am very excited to be working in the holistic field”. 
C.R.M. Certified Reiki Master
"We must change our energy to change our lives. I am happy to assist."

Cheryl Carpenter
Reiki Master Level III
Tuning Fork Therapy
Oxygen Bartender
Cheryl has been providing Alternative Healing Modalities since 2007. 

She uses Reiki that treats the whole body of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Creating many beneficial effects, that include; Relaxation, Peacefulness, Balance, Security, and overall Well Being. It is an Non-Evasive use of energy work.

She also incorporates Tuning Fork Therapy that is a powerful, non evasive healing technique that uses sound and vibration that harmonizes and attunes the human energy field to optimal levels.

Cheryl also brought in her Oxygen Bar for you to breathe through small tubes. Studies show increased O2 can provide a "feel good" effect, reducing stress, increasing energy/alertness and alleviating headaches, hangovers, tiredness.

Kim Wilson
Oriental Bar Massage
​Kim has been performing Therapuetuc Massage since licensure in 2014.  Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy since 2016. She has been doing Theraputic Massagae since 2008. 

Kim believes massage is her true calling. To be able to help each cliente feel better by relieving stress by triggering the relaxation response.

She enjoys spending time with her daughter, who just got her drivers license!! Very proud mother.

Nutrition Class Instructor
Wellness Coach
Melissa  Meszaros

 "We are all uniquely beautiful"

Melissa is a lover of life, people and all things holistic. Her greatest passion and interest is in pursuing a holistic lifestyle and all things that contribute to the greater good, both personally and collectively.  She believes the key to a life well lived is one in harmony and balance of body/mind/spirit.  A cultivator of positivity and gratitude, Melissa believes we rise to our greatest potential by helping others and by building people up.  She feels one of the greatest contributions we can give to society is using our own personal hardships and suffering as a catalyst to pave the way of hope for those struggling or who are in need of support. 
She enjoys nature and our interpersonal and metaphysical connection with all living things. Melissa also enjoys time with her children and husband, yoga, Tai Chi, meditating, vibrational medicine and energy work, studying Eastern philosophies and learning. 
Michelle Lake
Michelle has been an RN and health researcher for 17 years and is currently working on her health coach certification. After she and her daughter developed several autoimmune conditions and skin disorders such as severe eczema, acne, and psoriasis, she began the quest for alternative help and has found healing via numerous alternative therapies.

Michelle is happy to share the many methods she has developed for family wellness. After seven years in the business boutique world making organic bath and body care, she now offers classes for the public. Topics will include environmental health issues, toxins, healthy house cleaning, organic hand-crafted soap and lotion making, skin care issues and remedies using simple, and inexpensive.