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September Specials

                                                                                                      Hoof & Mouth Therapy
                                                              With Claudea Templeton

                                                                                             Relieves pain from:
                                                                                             Teeth Grinding
                                                                                             Braces & Dental Work
                                                                                             Jaw injuries 

Claudea performs mouth work using her unique ability of intuition, and years of experience doing body work. She will ask you about what and where you are having pain in your mouth. While she is performing her therapy, she uses sterile gloves and gently works the inside of the mouth and jaw, using her CranioSacral techniques.

September Special Pricing: 

  $60 for an hour session 
                                                                       1 free 30min Foot Reflexology session

                                                            Macro Consultation                                                 
With Karla

Karla offers “Personalized Functional Care” when addressing nutritional, digestive, and hormonal imbalances that may be causing you dis-ease.
She will work with you on identifying nutritional, mechanical, and emotional stressors.  Once a stressor is identified, a plan of care can be put in place to reduce that stressor, allowing the body to heal itself.

 $50 off

                                    FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY                              
 With Karen Slocum

Flower essences are herbal infusions, made from natural plant material, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. The first 38 flower remedies were formulated by a British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, M.D. in the 1930's.

Benefits of Flower Essences:
One of the greatest benefits is that flower essences can stimulate our own ability to heal on all levels of our being.  They can address imbalances on an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual level.  Your entire being is involved in the healing process.  The flowers acknowledge you as an intricate being comprised of different levels of energy and work on healing the whole “you”.  They work by balancing your unique energy pattern.  This means that they stimulate lasting changes, rather than just cover up our symptoms.

25% off 

      Facial with Introduction to CrainoSacro 

                                                                         With Pat Stiff
CrainoSacral Therapy is the healing power of touch. CST releases tensions to allow the body to self correct. Practioners free the nervous system by distinctive light touch techniques to release restrictions. The body is designed to heal itself.                                             

                                                                                          (Reg $60)

                                                                                        R.E.A.M.S. Test                             
                                                                 With Rosario Tanguay

REAMS testing is done with urine & saliva samples, where the samples are then put into testing devices. Results will show how you are absorbing minerals and vitamins, allowing for precise protocol for intake.

                                                                 (Includes follow up results appointment)

                                                                    30min Free Salt Booth and/or Sauna                              
                                                                                        (Reg. $30)

   Nutritional Consultation 

                                                                                           (Reg. $45)

                                                                     Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy                   
                                                                     By Kim Wilson

                                                                         Deep and painless barefoot massage
                                                                                           (Reg. $75)

                                                                                   Therapeutic Massage 

                                                                                            (Reg $60)
                                  Reiki & Tuning For Therapy
                                                                      With Cheryl Carpenter  
Where healing and release can take place. Balance & Peace.  An overall healing experience of sound, connection, and aroma.

                                                           Oxygen Bar Aromatherapy
                           With Cheryl Carpenter                                            

                  30 Minutte Reiki  AND  30 Minutes Tuning Fork Therapy   
                                                                     15 FREE Minutes on the Oxygen Bar

                                                                                      All for $60.00
                                                                               (Reg. $93)                                                                                     
                                                                             Wellness Consultation                         
                                                                       With Melissa Mezsaros
                                                                                   Free Pantry Makeover


                                                                                             (Reg $90)

UPCOMING Seminars & Classes

Rosario is offering a 4 class series on Sex.

Learn, Discuss, Practice, and Apply:

Class I (August):
*Emotional stressors
*Body Image and how to overcome them. 

Class II (September):
*Sexual dysfunction
*Surgery, that may cause consequences

Class III (October):

*Hormones and how nutrition affects sexuality.

Class IV (November):

*Myths & Stigma
*Application to enhance pleasure. 

There WILL be homework to practice at home. The classes will be done monthly starting the first Friday of August from 7:00-8:30 pm seating is limited. 25.00 per person. 15.00 per spouse pay in advance.

What We Do...

Using the Stress Elimination Theory (SET), we offer an alternative approach in identifying each patient's source of stress that may be causing dis-stress.

Mechanical - Nutritional - Emotional

  Our goal is to help you bring your body back into balance, eliminate your stressors, and improve your quality of life.  If you have been told that there is nothing else to help your body to heal, don't give up! 

Call Us Today!  269.781.6417

Center Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Appointments are available after hours per patient request. 


​We provide "Holistic Health" assessments, interventions and educational classes to individuals desiring to take control of their health.  We are what we Think, Eat, Speak and Do.  We believe education is the greatest tool for change.


We offer a
"Turtle Dove Membership" option for our patients.  The "Turtle Perks Program" gives fantastic savings on classes and services.  

E-mail us to R.S.V.P for classes or just send a message, we'd love to hear from you...

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